About the Artist

My name is Letoya. I'm a loving mother of two wonderful boys and have been a 3-Dimensional artist since late 2008. I was introduced to the medium first through Daz Studio when I was looking for a way to create more accurate representations of various characters for myself and friends in a couple online role playing games I played at the time. I stumbled upon Daz during my pixel art and pixel doll years and was instantly hooked. Seeing my characters as I wanted to see them sold it for me and I have not turned back since. For practice I would adapt some of my pixel art into my first 3D renders. It paid off and every day since has been a learning experience for me and my techniques and skills have come such a long way.

Through Daz, I found Poser, and now use both for renders, though I would say I am more proficient with Daz still. Aside from Daz and Poser, I'm also proficient in Adobe Photoshop as well as Corel Paint Shop Pro and Painter where I often take my renders to their fullest potential with post work, some hand painting here and there and graphic effects work. I still enjoy pixel art (which I started doing around 2005), and drawing manga style characters with tradition mediums. Along with those hobbies, I enjoy web design quite a bit and am self-taught in HTML, CSS, and some PHP on an advanced level. Not matter what I do though, I am ALWAYS learning new things which makes it so much more enjoyable.

Starting in 2010, I started creating content for use in Daz Studio and Poser, brokering exclusively through Renderosity.com at first as a way to help pass the time while I was pregnant with my second son and to help take care of them after my fiancee lost his factory job to outsourcing. "Elle Mental for V4" was my first taste of creating characters and texture sets for sale and she helped us out of a very tough spot. I've since created many new characters and textures sets and have done well. From that first character set, I've created many other characters and clothing textures for sale and plan to continue as long as the creative juices flow through my veins that allow me to do so.

As of June 2011, I opened a second brokerage through Content Paradise. Primarily my characters are on sale there and both shops collectively are doing quite well. Currently I'm learning various modeling programs, specifically Z-Brush and MODO, to further help my tiny corner of the merchant world grow. I have a million ideas that I have in mind for clothes and random objects, but modeling had been a whole other world of what I do and one that I'm still learning a great deal about.

Aside from art, I love ice hockey, pro wrestling, NASCAR racing, and soccer. I enjoy writing quite a bit and have been working on a novel the better part of the last ten years based on my character's, "Silverwind", adventures. I also find comfort in listening to various kinds of music from around the world (I'm a metalhead and a K-Popper proudly), watching movies of various genres, reading Japanese manga, and watching anime and sentai. I am also an avid video gamer when time allows, spending a good amount of time playing Devil May Cry, Ultima Online, and a few others. You might say my love of CG gaming and films inspired the drive to create in 3D. I founded the Reuben Langdon Fan Club on Deviant Art as a result of a combination of my love of CG art and animation and how inspiring he's been to so many including myself through his voice acting (Dante from Devil May Cry 3 and 4) and involvement with the motion capture revolution in games and film.

Overall though, my proudest accomplishment is becoming a mom. I love my kids and I love what I do each day with them in my life and wouldn't change a second of it for the world.

About Silverwind Designs

Silverwind Designs, founded officially in 2011, is my little corner of the web specifically created for distribution and promotion of my 3D art and content for Poser and Daz Studio. The original concept of Silverwind Designs came about after a few years of finding my niche in the art world starting with traditional mediums, moving to digital via non-isometric pixelation, pixel dolls, and photo manipulation.

About "Silverwind"

Silverwind was the name of my first Dungeons and Dragons character, an elfin ranger based much on Legolas from Lord of the Rings, but her beauty and what she stood for has stuck with me over the years. The name has become synonymous with a lot of the things that inspire me when creating my art as I tend to lean towards the realm of fantasy and medieval imagery. For lack of a better way to explain it, Silverwind is probably what some would call my muse.


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