Copyright Information

All artwork(s) created by me are copyright protected from the original date of creation by me, the owner, Letoya B Jackson.

My art is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and may NOT be used for anything other than personal use such as a personal desktop wallpaper without direct consent. This includes any art (3D artwork, photo maniputalions, drawings, or pixel art) posted under the name Letoya B. Jackson, Silverwind, Silverwind-Elf, Silverwind-Designs, Silverwind Elf, Silverwind3d, and/or Silverwind Designs that are found at any of my online galleries (,,, Facebook: Letoya B Jackson or Silverwind-Designs, and/or Twitter: Silverwind3D) whether or not they bare my copyright symbol (ELF with an arrow), my initials (LBJ), or my signature.

My images may NOT be used for icons, tags, signatures, mobile wallpapers, picture tubes, brushes or the like, whether you intend to make money or not without WRITTEN CONSENT FROM ME. Use on blogs/your websites are allowed once permission is granted after having contacted me first with proper credit and a link back to my site or one of my galleries where obtained for proper recognition of source.

Use of Commissioned Works: I reserve the right to use art created by me on this site for display purposes only, or for publicity purposes for this site and my brokerages only. Please contact me directly if you do not wish your commissions to be used for these purposes and I will be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

Under any circumstances, DO NOT redistribute my art in any collection, download, sale, or non-sale without my prior permission. ANY COMMERCIAL USE PERIOD MUST BE GIVEN DIRECTLY BY ME IN WRITING AND ALL PERMISSIONS MUST BE MAINTAINED FOR USE. CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED IN ANY USE OTHER THAN PERSONAL!!

The ONLY exception to this rule are products purchased from Renderosity and Content Paradise as they are licensed for commercial use (via Standard or Extended license at Renderosity and standard EULA at Content Paradise) when purchased and that is LIMITED TO THE PURCHASED PRODUCT ONLY, NOT THE PROMOTIONAL IMAGES.

A Simple Word of Warning...

I take copyright violations VERY seriously, so please abide by these requirements or be prepared to face the consequences. I will contact you personally with a cease and desist letter to remove my images from the area in question if found. Further failure to comply could result in an email to your host for further assistance to have my images removed from your site, which could lead to your account being banned from their servers all together as well as a damaged reputation on your end.

I'm fairly easy to get along with and have no problem communicating fair use of my creations, so to avoid trouble for you JUST ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST! It's that simple.

Thank you very kindly!

Letoya B Jackson (Silverwind)

More Information on Copyright

For more information regarding basic copyright laws please visit these sites:

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