General Credits

  • All of my 3D art is created in Daz Studio 3 or 4+ and/or Poser Pro 2010 or Poser 9 using resources purchased from,,, YUR, and All resources purchased for use are licensed and governed by the site and the artists that created them, and upon purchase when used in my art become my copyrighted medium. Licenses for purchased products are on file with each site as well as in my personal possession unless aquired through trade with vendor when necessary.

  • Some resources used in images were created by me, "Silverwind", and are not available for purchase at this time in any of my shops, but may or may not become available or re-available for purchase at my descretion.

  • The base website template was created on then customized further in metapad and notepad for use on my site. Some graphic content for the site layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS6 by me for use exclusively on this website and my include derivatives of background sets purchased at The website template was designed to be compatible with IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It was also tested on Android mobile.

  • All website content content is hosted by Yahoo! Small Business and created by me. Any reproduction of content, bandwidth theft, and the like without my expressed written consent is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  • Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, Renderosity, Content Paradise, Adobe, Smith Micro, Daz, and PayPal icons provided by each site for social networking/promotional use as allowed by each site.

  • Personal resources for site creation include for banner fonts, for brushes in renders, & for certain scripts

Special Credits & Recognitions

  • First and foremost, thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to stop by and check out my tiny corner of the web! Likewise, thanks to everyone who took a chance on a lesser known vendor in either marketplace. I could not have gotten this far and would not be here if not for the support and taking a chance on a new face. Much love and thanks to you all for the continued support and encouragement.

  • To IgnisSerpentus, Lunchlady, -Wolfie-, Ladyelf Pendarian, Laschae D'Eternal, Fabiana, Rhiannon, Artemis, 3D-Arena, propschick, RavenMoon Designs, Bobbie25, EmmaAndJordi, and HinkyPunk for the day to day smiles, encouragment, and overall comraderie with what we do day in and day out. (Sorry if I've left anyone off, but that's who I typically gab with every day. If I've poked you on FB or badgered you with questions, you go here. Let me know and I will add you happily.)*

  • A super special thank you to LeAndra Dawn for her AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS renders and assistance with promotional imagery as well as the Artistic License Promtions team for their PHENOMENAL creations using my created content during the promotional processes. You ladies and gents take my characters to places I never imagined and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! You all are amazing people artistically and I'm so glad to be working with you all!

  • To Y-Phil at DeviantArt who has truly been a guardian angel of sorts when I've needed it as well as all the GORGEOUS test renders with all the girls that I've created. I don't think there will ever be enough thanks or enough words to every try and say thanks enough that I can send him for everything he's done to help me get this far.

  • To Sveva at Renderosity for first being probably the biggest and always never-ending inspiration to me artistically in the realm of 3D. I CONSTANTLY and very respectfully use her backgrounds in almost all of my renders in some way and never seem to run out of ideas just browsing through my collection or seeing new backgrounds pop-up in the MP. As a person, she has such a big heart and is truly in a class all her own artistically and a continued inspiration to so many of us. I simply can't say thanks enough for doing what she does or being the person that she is.

  • To outoftouch and Swam at Renderosity and AprilYSH and Valea at Daz for all the amazing hair I use all the time in my renders. Every time a new one comes out, I get excited like a kid at Christmas!

  • To the late, great Shana Christina, who also inspired me to dabble in texture creation and was a never ending source of drive to be as awesome with the craft as she was. Gone are her distinct style and creativity which has definitely left an unfillable void. RIP to an artistic angel, gone but not forgotten.

  • To Silver for the above* as well and whose hair expansions I use more than I probably should. Double thank you for the help with learning the quirks of working with Genesis and Genesis 2 for Daz Studio when it got super confusing.

  • To Sabby for helping with the questions and advice about Genesis and Genesis 2 as well as the amazing characters that set a really high bar for what I hope to achieve with each one I create. You are a continued inspiration! I'm almost positive we were on staff together at the Realm doing pixels, but even then, you set a high standard I've tried to measure myself against. Maybe I'm just nuts. We'll never know.

  • To Rebelmommy and Reciecup at Renderosity for the awesome advice with creating my own products and brand. Without you two helping me at the very beginning, I don't think I'd still be doing this. Your advice has come with me from day one so thank you from the bottom of my heart for planting the seeds that have grown into what I love.

  • To the Renderosity Staff, specifically Jenn and Stacy, for the continued encouragement when the testing team puts me in a foul mood. I know I can be annoying sometimes with the questions and problems that always seem to come up on my end, but you all truly are angels. Thank you for what you do for not just me, but all of us in the MP.

  • To and for the models I use on a constant basis to create my renders. V4 & M4 for the win for now and maybe Genesis. Dawn is growing on me as well. Love them all!

  • To all of the wonderful vendors at and who I've not mentioned who's content I've used in countless renders. Without you, I'd be nothing in our community. You've given me the tools I need to continue doing what I enjoy, being creative, and I can't thank you all enough.

  • To mom, for the neverending shameless promotion of my art and constant encouragement to be the best I can be in all aspects of being a stay at home mom trying to make it in the art world, for raising me to be strong and independent and sticking to my guns when I truly believed I could go far with something even when others thought I couldn't.

  • And lastly, to the man in my life, my one and only, my "Puddin" for believing in me, helping me when I've needed brutally honest opinions about characters, helping me come up with new ideas when I'm stressed out, and nagging me to death to render his Ultima Online and Wrassle characters for practice and honing my skills with portraits. That and thanks for understanding that I'm working my hardest for the family and while I have bad days, you've always been there to make me smile. I love you very much!


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